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  Due to our large call volume, we recommend contacting our customer service team for questions or concerns by email at  
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  Unemployment Insurance (UI) Tax Information  
       Are you a new business to Iowa? Click here for registration information: New Business Fact Sheet. If you do not have an Iowa UI Account Number, you will need to register for UI account. Select Create ID above to begin the process.  
       Have you previously had an unemployment tax account in Iowa and resumed employment in Iowa? Click here for information: Reactivation Information  
       Is your business operating without employees, has it closed, been sold or transferred? Click here for information: Status of Business Information  
  My Iowa UI Information  
       Quarterly Report Filing Methods
         * My Iowa UI Manual entry - Employee names and SSN save from one quarter to the next.
         * My Iowa UI CSV - Upload quarterly report information from a spreadsheet.
         * Secure File Transfer - Recommended for large employers (>5,000 employees) or large service providers. Secure File Transfer Overview
       Electronic Authorization: By signing into your account, employers can easily assign third party providers (myIowaUI agents) to manage some or all of their UI matters. Sign in, then select "Assign Agent" on the left side of your account homepage. Click here for Power of Attorney form that you can send by mail: Form 68-0092.
       e-Payment: Submit eCheck or Credit Card payments in a secure and efficient manner. MyIowaUI uses an e-payment process specially selected for state agencies four years ago. This payment process is compliant with all Payment Card Industry standards, so companies can be assured that their bank and credit card information is secure.
       New Voucher Form: All paper checks must be sent with a voucher form. Click here to download and print the most updated voucher form: Form 68-0434
       Agents: We recommend all accountants/third party filers set up an agent account on MyIowaUI. One agent account can be used to manage multiple employer accounts. Select Create ID above to begin. Once you create your account ID, sign in and then select Set Up Agent Account.
Click here for more information: Agent Information
       If you need additional assistance, contact the myIowaUI Customer Service Team at 888-848-7442, select Option #3, then option #7. Email: